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Standard documents

Pricing offers, order forms, delivery notes & invoices are standard features.

Customized forms

Create extra forms for each type of activity in your business, for example: consignments, work assignments, ...

Document flow

Determine which document flows into another document, whether or not with inventory processing & back-order.

Price agreements

Your customers always recieve the right price, taking into account discounts, aditions, omposite price, purchase price + % or amount, pace lists, ...


Compositions based on individually selected options.


Bill of Material, overviews of parts going out of stock and of produced products getting recorded in stock.


Extensive article data sheet containing sales and purchase data. Up to 8 taxes per article.


The article properties are configurable and can call upon several sub articles.



Simply group or compose articles. Opt for a price for the whole as a sum of the components.

Link with the supplier

Establish a direct link with your supplier or wholesaler and always utilize the right price!


Assign properties to each article, that can be used in a webshop or for configuration.


Use multiple barcodes per article, for example: overpack, promotional items, …

Stock management

Multiple locations

Manage your inventory per location or warehouse, per intervention vehicle, ... Can also be used for inventory consignment.

Number recalculation

Buy per roll and sell per meter, ...

Serial / Batch / Expiration date

Track & Trace all actions on the basis of serial numbers, batch numbers or expiration dates.

And furthermore ...

Import / Export

All files generated with our software are exportable and importable to Excel.


Investigate who or what caused an error and trace all actions inside an ISO-compliant log.


As real Belgians, we do not limit ourselves to 1 language. Add as much languages as you like, even in het Cyrillic (Russian).


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Bjorn Deweerdt

Bouwstoffen Desmet

"Admisol always helps their customers as fast as possible"

Our story began with the billing. While we used to lose at least 3 days a month on billing, now we do it in just half a day and for twice as many customers. In our 2 locations, we now have a complete and an accurate view of our customers, even if they purchased something at another location.


The next step was the automation of our deliveries. In our own trucks and in those of our customers, a huge amount of materials leaves to its destination on a daily basis. Admisol has given us an incredible document flow. Problem solved!


Things really have to advance in construction. Each morning, contractors are queuing and they need to head to their site as soon as possible. Hundreds of notes are now created in a couple of hours, which assures us a smoother morning rush.


Even private customers deserve a faster service, and we deserve an automation of our cash books. For this, Admisol installed their retail software which made sure that private customers automatically recieve their reciepts with private prices. Next, the cash reciepts are automatically integrated in our bookkeeping.


The installation of a concrete plant brought along an extra challenge. As soon as Admisol detects an article from the concrete plant, it is transferred to the production computer while respecting the requested delivery date. When the customer places his truck underneath the concrete plant, the operator can generate the note and the truck is filled automatically. In less than a week, this system too became reality.


It is partially thanks to Admisol that we were able to realise our current growth. Like we started with a shovel 30 years ago and are now working with giant bulldozers, we have evolved from a single bookkeeping solution to an entirely integrated and customized system.

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Admisol nv

Victor Braeckmanlaan 367

B-9040 Ghent - Belgium

KBO BE-0471.029.822

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Admisol nv

Victor Braeckmanlaan 367

B-9040 Ghent - Belgium

KBO BE-0471.029.822

+32 (0) 92 185 185

"Admisol always helps their customers as fast as possible"

- Bjorn Deweerdt

Bouwstoffen Desmet

Admisol nv

Victor Braeckmanlaan 367

B-9040 Ghent - Belgium

KBO BE-0471.029.822

+32 (0) 92 185 185