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Book, import or create (see below) sales invoices.



Book all your invoices manually, based on scans, or automatically based on electronic invoices (ubl, e-fff, Peppol or Mercurius).


Book all your bank statements automatically and digitally with our patented and self-learning coda system and stop retyping today!


Let several social secretariats send the salary bookings directly to your Admisol application.


Up to 3 independant, analytic journals per account.


Completely integrated and automatically booked!

Financial management

Payment files

Nobody likes to pay. Especially not when you have to retype everything in online banking software. Admisol gives you a simple tool to pay your invoices.

Payment reminders

Automaticaly create payment reminders with different levels. Send them by mail or by email and consult them afterwards in your personal archive.

Clickable lists

All overviews are clickable to invoice level, with a visual rendering of the invoice as finishing touch.


Always keep a clear view on your business and consult your budgets as wished! Prepare a standard budget with the results of last year, always adjustable in detail.


Dig deep into your data. Always discover new elements in your business with this easy to use BI-module.

Cashflow planning

Consultable as weekly or monthly overview.

Automatic financial bookings

Thanks to Admisol's patented system, you can now book your digital bank statements at an incredible speed. This is not insignificant, because financial bookings often take up to 50% of the time in bookkeeping.


Admisol has the ability to import the coda files (digital bank statements) of the following banks: KBC, CBC, BNP Paribas Fortis, Fintro, ING, Belfius, Bank Van Breda, Recordbank, Bpost Bank, Nagelmackers and Crelan.



Manual invoice

Bill easily from now on! Admisol generates a .pdf-invoice with your corporate identity and even books it automatically.

Invoice with articles

Do you do regular billing? Then use articles for repetitive texts. You might want to check out Admisol Stock.

Repetitive invoice

Would you like to bill periodically, based on a contract or based on fixed rates? Admisol Office is just what you need!

Based on timesheets

Billing based on timesheets: in detail, through a subtotal per group or totalized. This always ensures you a correct invoice!

Elektronic invoice

Admisol invoices can be mailed to your customers or to the government as a real electronic invoice (soon mandatory). Various formats are possible (e-fff, Peppol or Mercurius).

Structured communication

The structured communication on an invoice combined with the automatic financial bookings ensures a constant up-to-date overview of all open items.


Time registration

Simply enter all the actions per employee.


You can let your timer keep track of your actions while working. The entered timesheet line stays ajustable afterwards.


Register your performances per project in stead of per customer. Smoothly integrated in the Admisol project module.


Consult various overviews per employee, customer, product, … Whenever and wherever you want to.


Not all hours are billable. That is why Admisol makes a distinction between performed & billable hours.


Billing based on timesheets: in detail, through a subtotal per group or totalized.


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Admisol Office

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Patricia Vranckaert Controller GD&A Advocaten

"Thanks to Admisol, we can better monitor our own bookkeeping"

At GD&A Advocaten, we mainly use Admisol for our bookkeeping and ‘Credit & Collection’. Before all that,  our external accountant did all our bookkeeping. But since he already worked with Admisol for other customers, we decided to give it a try. Now, our bookkeeping is simply done here at the office. At first we only had the intention of doing the regular input, but it is just way easier to do everything here on the spot. That way, we can work in a more proactive way. Our bookkeeper now handles the annual accounts, VAT and tax declarations, etc.

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Admisol nv

Victor Braeckmanlaan 367

B-9040 Ghent - Belgium

KBO BE-0471.029.822

+32 (0) 92 185 185

"Thanks to Admisol, we can better monitor our own bookkeeping"

- Patricia Vranckaert Controller GD&A Advocaten

Admisol nv

Victor Braeckmanlaan 367

B-9040 Ghent - Belgium

KBO BE-0471.029.822

+32 (0) 92 185 185