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Admisol is the Belgian pionieer of online accounting. Since 2000, we provide end-users and accounting firms with quality software solutions. Also, Admisol is a 100% browser based and patented accounting solution. This means that you only need a computer or tablet with an internet connection, without having to worry about backups, safety, archives, ... We provide online accounting the way it should be done!


Perfect for each business


Start with one of our standard solutions, evolve to a complete customized software.

100 % Secured


No more worrying about backups! All your data is stored simultaneously  in our private cloud in 2 Belgian data centers, 100km away from each other.

100 % Realtime


Say goodbye to the stress peak that dominates each VAT declaration! From now on, you work realtime and book regularly wherever and whenever you want to.



Software made by and for Belgians. No other country (okay, maybe Italy) has such a complex bookkeeping system as ours.



Enjoy a fast and personal support by programmers. Time is a crucial element for a proper bookkeeping.



Admisol also works perfectly for larger files, 10.000 invoices per month are no problem at all.



Billing based on complete time registration, with a distinction between worked and billable hours. Even on project level.


Forfaits, advances, billing based on a timesheet or a combination.  Always a correct recalculation.


Automate the entire workflow of your business. Tasks, employees and competences control the full operation.


From standard reporting to customized reports.


Maintain a constant overview of what needs to be done.

Central declarations

Simply send your Intervat declaration in mass. For VAT,  ic and listings.

Added value


Create a consultable budget for your customers. Turn your office into a realtime warninglight by informing your customers on time.


Create deep analysises yourself with our Business Intelligence tool, that can be consulted by your customers. Big data on file level!


Make your customers understand their own processes, departments, locations and / or projects.

Limit manual bookings


Provide customers with a billing module or import their sales.


Book purchase invoices manually, based on scans or automatically based on electronic invoices (ubl, e-fff, Peppol or Mercurius).


Say goodbye to retyping! Book your digital bank statements (codas) automatically with our patented and self-learning system.


Automatically book your salaries. Several social secretariats are already able to send these documents directly to your Admisol bookkeeping.


Automatic creation of the investment file when booking an investment. Depreciations can also be booked automatically.


Export files to Excel, ajust them and reimport them again. Even Excel reports and imports of sundries are no problem at all!

Give customers access


Billing tools for the biggest variety of professions! From simple billing to a complete stock and administrative management.

Payment files

Nobody likes to pay. Especially not when you have to retype everything in online banking. Admisol gives you a simple tool to pay your invoices.

Payment reminders

Let your customers make their own payment reminders or prepare them for them in a couple of clicks.

Purchase invoices

Always offer your customers an overview of their invoices, including scans.


Create a custom dashboard for your customers or use some of our standard templates.

Up-to-date info

Admisol offers you a ton of information, for example: open customers and suppliers, VAT to pay, ...

"We need to adapt ourselves to the customer, not vice versa"

- Stijn De Prins

 Partner Fineko (Genk - Leuven)

"I was looking for a user friendly software for our customers"

- Danny Frison

Manager Consius (Schoten)

"Admisol saves us time and saves the customer money"

- Wouter Vandijck

 Partner Foederer DFK

"There should be no doubt about Admisol's security"

- Tom Van Acker

Manager Arens - Van Acker & Co (Lokeren)

"Admisol really listens to their customers"

- Nathalie Tytgat

Department manager
 Alaska Kortrijk 

"Everything Admisol told me about the market now seems to be true"

- Thierry Gerniers

Manager Accountancy & Tax Audit Gerniers

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Admisol nv

Victor Braeckmanlaan 367

B-9040 Ghent - Belgium

KBO BE-0471.029.822

+32 (0) 92 185 185

Admisol nv

Victor Braeckmanlaan 367

B-9040 Ghent - Belgium

KBO BE-0471.029.822

+32 (0) 92 185 185